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October, 2020
Different interior lighting styles to increase your mood, productivity and even make you feel more romantic

A report by Wren Kitchens has revealed how different room lighting can affect family life, work and even dating.

A quarter of respondents say the right lighting improves their wellbeing

Lighting experts TLW Global comment on the impact of lighting economically and aesthetically

The way in which you light up a room has a major bearing on our emotions, as well as how we perceive the room, according to a new report

The survey by Wren Kitchens has revealed that certain types of light fittings are key in getting our spaces right for family life, work and even dating at home. 

Using a range of images with different lighting, the study revealed how different set ups can vary how people feel.

So if you want you’re wanting to create a romantic setup, or if you’re just looking to create a space which allows you to relax and chill, check out the lighting styles that are most suited to helping you achieve a romantic, productive or relaxed vibe.

Lighten the load with warm lighting options

A quarter of the UK says that the right lighting in their home can make a difference and improve their wellbeing, with 30% of respondents saying it can help them de-stress.

The report revealed that warm lighting had an array of positive impacts on people’s emotions and feelings.

Almost half (48%) of respondents said that warm lighting improved their mood, while 50 per cent said they felt calmer and 52% said it made them feel happy. More than two thirds (70%) said that the lighting made them feel warm while 65% said it was cosy and relaxed.