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NEWS & Updates

April, 2019
Rightmove: Family activity driving Spring market

Data and analysis from Rightmove has shown that, despite current market uncertainty, families are doing housing deals as housing needs take priority. ...Read more

April, 2019
Going green in the home could save over £200 per year

Price comparison website, MoneySuperMarket, takes a look at the costs and savings associated with the most readily available renewable energy sources and efficiency-improvers around the home. ...Read more

April, 2019
John Chase's Market Update

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” - John Chae gives his views on the current property market ...Read more

April, 2019
19 bus saved from the axe

The council’s campaign to save the 19 bus has paid off – with Transport for London (TfL) confirming the vital route linking Battersea to central and north London will not be scrapped. ...Read more

April, 2019
Young people can play for free on borough’s £500k revamped tennis courts

With summer upon us and the tennis season about to get underway the next generation of Andy Murrays and Roger Federers can hone their racquet skills on the borough’s newly refurbished tennis courts. ...Read more

April, 2019
Zoopla: Friends and amenities: What are renters willing to compromise on?

Zoopla has revealed that when it comes to what renters aren’t willing to compromise on, nearby amenities including shops, bars and entertainment comes out on top. ...Read more

April, 2019
IMLA report reveals that one in three home movers are 'Last-time buyers'

The latest data and analysis from the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association has revealed that almost 200,000 owner occupier housing transactions in England are now made by people over 55 who are able to use their huge equity reserves to find their perfect last home. ...Read more

April, 2019
Majority of property investors remain unfazed by Brexit

The latest analysis by Market Financial Solutions has found that after another seemingly pointless week riding the Brexit merry-go-round, more than half of the UK's property investors have indicated that it's business as usual and won't be changing their investment plans. ...Read more